Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{FAMILY FUN} Family Night Cupcake Fun!

After I went to picked up Cameron from preschool, we stopped by Jones Bros Cupcakes to snag a free cupcake-of-the-day just to find that they were all gone.  No biggie, we can just get our favorite 50 cent homemade marshmallow instead, right?  Nope, those were gone too.  Then they offered us a rice crispie treat for $2.50!  Seriously?  I can make a whole pan for $2.50, or close anyway.  So we packed back in the car and headed to the grocery store . . . hey, I promised them a cupcake.

I don't make cupcakes at home very often because I always end up with way to many and inevitably eat them all. I wondered if there were any smaller cake mixes available . . .well sure enough Duncan Heinz has come out with Cupcake Mixes!  These nifty little box mixes make exactly 12 cupcakes for only 97 cents! 

This was the perfect size for us to make and enjoy a modest amount of cupcakes.  So, we hurried home, and the boys helped my line the pan with liners. Cameron mixed up the batter in a cute little bowl.  He even cracked the eggs, but didn't want to pull them apart because he didn't want to get his hands messy.  Come on, aren't little boys supposed to to be messy?  Anyway . . 20 minutes later 12 perfect cupcakes to decorate!  

The boys just loved being able to get the frosting themselves and smear it on their cupcake.  Then came picking out the right sprinkles and devouring their sweet treats!  What a fun time!

Gotta LOVE the "sweet" memories we get to make with our little ones . . . oh they are growing up way too fast.

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  1. mmm looks like fun, i cant wait tell ty is older and do stuff like this!!


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