Wednesday, October 19, 2011

{FAMILY FUN} Tomato Garden

Well, last night was the first frost this fall and I had to hurry and pick what tomatoes I could from our little garden.  It seems to be taking a long tome for our green ones to turn, but I was able to bring in a load of bright red ones last night.  In fact, I had two large juicy ones for my lunch today.  It seems that we have harvested the bulk of our tomatoes a lot later than others . . which is good since I haven't really had time to deal with them.

There are quite a few green ones left, so we covered them with a tarp last night as an attempt to prevent them from freezing.  Hopefully we can coax these last few along.

We are also nurturing some spontaneous pumpkins that are growing on the side of our house . . I will have to share about those another time.  

Anyway, here's the ruby red beauties . . . 

Hmmm . . . now what to do with them . . . .I am thinking chili sauce!!!  Seriously have the best recipe from my mother-in-law, who just happens to be coming to visit for the next 5 days!  It's a must have to eat with beef roast and top meat loaf! Reminds me of the "Homemade" brand my mom would buy when I was growing up.  I can never seem to find it in stores these days . . good thing I have a recipe for it!

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